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Girl on Girl by the pool

I love having friends over for a quick dip, though we spent less time dipping into the pool that dipping into each other.  We were just in the middle of licking and sucking one another when my pool boy showed up.  He had no problem when we invited him to join us, and things heated up fast.  Watch us put a show on for him.  He got so hot for us when I started tonguing her pussy.  Then he got his dick sucked by two experts, and he couldn’t contain his load when he watched me give her a rim job while he fucked her.  With all that, these are still just a few of the photos from this set over at Flower Tucci.

Car Wash

Every month, my friends and I get together to wash our cars.  Many hands make light work, and this boring job is more fun when you’re getting sudsy with your friends.  We had the radio going and everyone was scrubbing cars.  You might have just gotten some plain bikini clad photos, like the ones you see below, but none of my friends can ever keep it clean.  Go to Flower Tucci to see us take things from getting clean to getting dirty.

Blonde and Brunette In The Water

I had a friend over to go swimming not long ago and we really had a lot of fun.  It seems that visitors stop by all the time though, and he caught my friend and I having fun out by the pool.  I’m not talking normal games since she and I were boffing like rabbits.  He joined in without hesitation and we gave him the ride of his life.  Watch him bury his hard rod in both of us after we suck him til he was so hard in our mouths.  I hope he’ll be back for more since we had so much fun. The pictures below are just a tease, and the rest can be found over at http://www.flower-tucci.com.

Girl Time

I invite my girlfriends over periodically for wine and conversation by the pool.  Today the pool boy interrupted us, and we’d had just enough wine to start getting crazy ideas.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, seducing the pool boy.  It didn’t take much work since we were all mostly naked and oiled up from head to toe.  He’s so gorgeous and we showed him a good time with a three girl blow job and a lesbian sex show.  Things got pretty wild out there and there’s pictures of all of it.  Check out Flower Tucci profile at www.tuboff.com

The more the merrier

Three is always better than two, and my girls and I never play alone.  When we start kissing and touching, the guys are always ready to go and this one is no exception.  This is just a taste of all the wild things we did in the whole set over at Flower Tucci .

Girl Talk

It never fails that when one of my friends come over for girl talk, we end up playing.  Watch as I strip my little blonde friend down.  We spent all afternoon pleasing each other in front of the photographer.  I gave you a sample of what I put on Flower Tucci .